About Us

I went to Wood Badge in 2010 (SR-1047) and earned my beads less than a year later. From that moment on I was hooked. I was lucky enough to staff 7 more courses as Troop Guide (twice), Scribe, Historian, ASM for Program, Senior Patrol Leader and coming up, Scoutmaster for S9-119.

I wanted to start a store that celebrated Wood Badge and offered apparel and other gifts. While doing my research I realized that the Boy Scout of America had locked down trademarks on almost everything to do with Wood Badge. The licensing was too much of a hurdle and it started to look like a bad business decision. Instead of quitting I pivoted.

The one thing that Wood Badgers are most passionate about is their critter. The patrol that they were assigned to. So instead of making Wood Badge products, I am making critter products.

Each of the eight critters are animals located in the United States. I have heard that they are located in all the states but I have never seen an Antelope or Buffalo outside a zoo.

Critter Life is the place for those who can’t get enough critter goodness. For those who need just one more product with their favorite animal. And for those that are looking for the perfect gift for the critter in their life.

It’s not just for Wood Badge. People across the country love critters! The elementary school that I attended and my children attend have an Owl for the mascot. Now when I am looking for the perfect gift for my sons teacher I have just the perfect Owl gift.

Make sure you visit Critter-Life.com from time to time and see the new products we will be rolling out.

I used to be a Critter, a good ‘ol Critter too.